Last night, the tooth that's been behaving strangely for some time actually started hurting.
Thank god I always have some painkillers lying around these days, so I managed to sleep rather well and headed to the doc first thing this morning.

When the (sweet and very cute) doc didn't see anything in the area where the pain came from, we x-rayed it. And, lo and behold, we found TWO HOLES in two teeth right next to each other.
They had been developing on the side, gradually approaching the roots, that's why it hurt and why the doc couldn't see any damage from the outside.
Uh... damn.
I guess even though my teeth look decent on the outside, they're not QUITE like that if you take a closer look.
So, the doc anaesthetized the area around the damaged teeth, which, as usual, took several shots and almsot an hour of waiting time. I hate my jaw.
He then drilled open both of the buggers. That didn't hurt too much but was bloody uncomfortable anyway. Not to mention I was shaking like a leaf again (Don't wiorry, it's just nerves, not circulation XD).
Since today, the stink of heated up tooth (from the drilling) has a firm place on my top three list of the yuckiest smells I've ever encountered. It's kinda similar to the "bug roasted by very hot light bulb" one. Ew!
Finally, the doc put different meds into both teeth, to kill the root of the one, and one to just soothe the other so maybe it can be saved.
I got three further appointments to see what's been happening and to get the fillings done.
We'll also be x-raying the rest of my teeth to see if there's any other frickin' hole hiding underground. Judging from past experience, I'm more or less prepared for more injecting and digging.
Oh. Dear.

Very long story put very short: ARGH.

It's been four hours since the whole procedure and the left side of my face still hasn't gotten all of its feeling back. HELLO, I'd like to EAT something at SOME POINT, y'know?! =_=
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