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([personal profile] jessybxx Jan. 13th, 2009 04:36 pm)
Cursed, I tell ya. Cursed.
Just got an email from my Munich hosts. Or rather, the people I thought would be my hosts but now won't be.
Basically, they mistyped the times when the room is occupied, which means I can't have it.
I guess now it's up to the company who negotiates the rooms to find me a replacement. This isn't my fault at all.
Damn, and I just paid their frickin' fee, too >:O
Sure, this isn't as bad as the August mess where I had to pay a lot of money to reschedule my flight.
Still, it's a ginormous annoyance. Who knows where I'll end up now?
Also, what's with fate? Is it really that totally against Kai and me seeing each other? T_T

From: [identity profile]

Where did you plan to sleep? When I'm in Munich I always stay at the Meiniger-Hostel.. there are female dorms, which are quite nice... for 16 € a night... everything's clean and it's quite OK.. you can have breakfast (which you have to pay but it's ok and you can eat as much as you like)

From: [identity profile]

Thanks for the tip!
I still expect this whole affair to sort itself out, but I'll certainly keep that link as an emergency measure ^^


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