I scored a 52% on the 80s Music Video Quiz

My score would be even worse if it weren't for Soulbro. The point for "Sledgehammer" is yours :*

Your Social Dysfunction:

You are excessively sensitive to potential rejection, humiliation or shame. You tend to be socially withdrawn, in spite of desire for acceptance from others.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.

Wow, now THAT was a surprise... =_=

Feelin' much better. Still coughing like an idiot, but all of the other crap has gone. Phew ^^

From: [identity profile] sorion.livejournal.com

Took that Social Dysfunction thingy and am currently laughing my ass off XD

You're a happy person - you have a good amount of self-esteem, and are socially healthy. While this isn't a social dysfunction per se, you're definitely not normal. Consider yourself lucky: you walk that fine line between 'normal' and being outright narcissistic. You're rare - which is something else to be happy about.

I'm so happy, it's not even normal LOL (Not that this comes as a surprise with me ^-^''')

From: [identity profile] sorion.livejournal.com

Unless you're normal, which, in itself, is not normal XDDD

From: [identity profile] arachnerd.livejournal.com

i had to take the video quiz, of course, lol. i got 64%. lucky guesses mostly. heh.


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