I have this pollen allergy (I guess it's that since it sorta fits the season). It's been there since about 2000/01 and it's always succumbed to the usual pills.
That is, until this year. I noticed I was even more short-winded than usual and a few days ago, I had the first real coughing fits, complete with breathing problems'n'all. Looked like what had started as a rather harmless hay fever was on its way of turning into an all-out asthma. Or maybe it already has, I dunno.
Yesterday evening, I finally decided to go see a doc first thing next morning.

Then, a few hours alter...

It was around midnight and I guess I was supposed to sleep. Suddenly, the coughing and breathing problems didn't stop like the did the last few days. I kept wheezing and my breath was rattling something awful. At one point, [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi was like "Maybe you should get something to drink". I replied "It's not in my throat, it's in my bronchia". A few minutes later, realizing I wouldn't be able to sleep during the next few hours - if, indeed, at all. Also, the next day would be a long one for my poor Yama. So I grabbed my glasses and sat down at the comp until like, 4:30 when I could barely keep my eyes open any more. So I fell down on the couch, still not able to take a deep breath without hacking like mad and dozed in and out of something that can hardly be called until 7-something, which is the usual time we get up.
Yama dropped me off at the bank (in Germany, you have to pay ten Euros per quarter to see a doc - and jsut that one doc, pay again for your dentist, and your gynaecologist, too, please -_-) where the cash terminal suddenly told me my PIN was wrong. Apparently, my sleep-deprived mind had cut-and-pasted one of my former numbers over the old one. But since, in my half-zombie state, I was kinda sure it was the right one I tried again. "Wrong PIN, you moron", the machine repeated stubbornly. Now shaking with both tiredness and mounting anxiety, I pushed the "abort" button (since, if you enter a wrong PIN three times, they keep your card and I really couldn't have that happening right now), trotted back home and looked it up.

Back at the bank, money finally obtained, and then, I arrived at the doc's place... only to notice they open at 9. It was like, 8:15. I was ready to start screaming right there and then. Every goddamned physicist opens at 7:30 or at least 8. But this? Ludicrous! Also, I had walked past the house a few times but somehow, didn't bother checking. Bugger.
And so I depart once again, in the hope of finally getting some help that might prevent me from spitting my bronchia onto the table every third breath. And maybe get some uninterrupted sleep. Ah, sleep. That'd be nice.

(Sorry for any typos, I'm not quite in a state to really process any orthography. Will correct later.)

ETA: They sent me back home. Too full. Am supposed to come back around 11:15-ish. §&$%&&§=7$&%2XX!!
Y'know, this is really starting to go way past my level of tolerance. I want to sleep but I can't because I can't breathe. And if the doc sends me to a specialist, I have no idea how to get there in my 30-minutes-of-sleep-but-somehow-still-able-to-walk-and-talk state without getting lost or robbed or whatever.
[livejournal.com profile] yamasagi said "Call me and I'll see whether I can drive yout here" but the tone in his voice made it clear that chances on him getting out of work aren't exactly top-notch. Also, he'll be gone until at least 8 PM since after work, he promised to help a friend of his with some electronics stuff in his house.
I feel all alone. I wanna curl up in a ball and die.


Or maybe, I'll first listen to "Inori" which is finally here.


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