So, [ profile] silicondreamss present arrived in Torino safely. And today, when I called mum from the train home from [ profile] yamasagis, she said something had arrived for me yesterday as well.
Y'know, from the moment I heard she had bought something for me, I knew what it was. It just HAD to be that.
And when mum told me, in a surprised tone, that the parcel was light as a feather, I was absolutely certain.
Well, I got home, grabbed the box, opened it, read the cute Xmas card (and gave it to mum who didn't understand it and got a bit frustrated ^_~), opened the wrapping paper and out came...


Thanks so much, babe! I love her <3 I'll take good care of her ^_^

Tomorrow: Car buying. With dad. And without mum a.k.a. "The Cheapest Offer is Just Enough For You" mum. Good thing. Yama actually wrote me a list of important things I need to check on all of the candidates. And I'll be damned if I don't get one of these cute little babys (preferrably the silver or the metallic-blue one) ^^

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Hee hee, I've always wondered what a German keyboard looks like. You even have a Euro and umlauted letters keys. Cool :)

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Yep. And I don't think I could really work with a US one ;)
Actually, this one was a Swiss one originally (maybe that's why it was so cheap *cough*). I got stickers to replace some of their weird punctuation signs because they made me mad ^_^;;;

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Yeah a US keyboard would really suck to type German on. All those extra keystrokes would be a pain in the arse. Hell, to just make an "a" with an umlaut is ALT + 0228 O_O

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Eek, ASCII code *shudders*
So should I ever move to an English-speaking country, I'll have to take my keyboard with me ;)

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Cute cow! :) Writing Finnish with a Brazilian keyboard sucks too(luckily I can use my own laptop now). In the beginning I always hit ~ and * cuz in Finnish keyboard ä and ö are in those places. xD And when you have to write a blog entry, 10 e-mails, few forum entries etc etc. Argh. Especially when you can't really write ä as a and ö as o cuz some words change their meaning so radically. "I/you saw somebody" becomes "I/you fucked somebody" etc.

A friend of mine who moved to the Netherlands a year ago: "I would've gone mad without my Finnish keyboard!" xD

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She did :) And everyone in my family already played with her. They love her *giggles*


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