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([personal profile] jessybxx Sep. 17th, 2006 07:31 pm)
Lost the auction. Oh well. At least I managed to download the mp3s :D [/invincible positivism XD]
(Which reminds me, I still haven't listened to "The Sequel". It scares me a bit because the main plot is that Spock and Q swap characters. As in, Q becomes all rational and quiet and Spock turns stupid, childish, giggly and generally all over-the-top. Scaaaary X_X)

Guess what? [ profile] silicondreams wrote me a story *squeals* And I well... printed it out and it's now haninging on the cupboard behind my bed, next to the lyrics of Edguy's "Land of the miracle" :D

I'm also re-watching the superheroes. Because I loo~ooved it. Oh, and also cuz I'm weird XD

Coming up tomorrow (maybe): Some reviews of recent SG-A episodes and a little something about the argument I had with [ profile] yamasagi last night. Yeah, we actually TALK about stuff *rofl*
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