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([personal profile] jessybxx Sep. 3rd, 2006 05:02 pm)
It seems like things are looking up.
Unfortunately, I'm still too lazy to write a Torino report right now. But I will, promise!!
Right now, I'll just give you piccies ^_^

The first batch of souvenirs was acquired in one of the Rock/Metal shops of Torino. Lia said they're poseurs, but you sometimes find good piccies in there.

Yes, it's Powerplant era Kai! Isn't he yummy?

And those two were painted by Lia's best friend Dea (who, BTW, is very nice and funny) just for me *happy smile*

Chibi Jessy! Complete with chibi bangs *lol* I so need to make an user icon out of this!!

Lia and me ^_^ BTW, I showed them to Yama and he said they're BRILLIANT! Which they really are ;)

Finally, the souvenir I got from one of the Torino candy shops. Can you spot the Sonata Arctica reference?
I present to you...


He's so adorable <3 <3 <3 I saw the wolfies in the shop's window and immediately fell in love. He's carrying a bag of chocolate that's far too heavy for him so I'm gonna take it off now.



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