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( Apr. 29th, 2009 04:03 am)
  • 08:03 Mornin' Twitter World...! :D #
  • 10:51 Off to buy... a load of rubbish, probably. But that's okay ;) #
  • 11:46 Tadaima~! I'm back! I bought... a load of rubbish, but that's okay (Am I repeating myself? XD). Also, ew! My hands smell of coins! Ewww -_- #
  • 14:36 Dekaranger's TOMASU Houji (HAYASHI Tsuyoshi) almost broke his tongue trying to pronounce "Unidentified flying object" in English. Awww *lol* #
  • 14:41 Also, Sen-chan (ITOU Yosuke) is clearly pulling a Columbo "Just one more thing..." kinda act several times in episode 34 *ded of ROFL* #
  • 20:23 Just applied for Japanese studies in Düsseldorf. I'll find out in August whether they'll take me or not... #
  • 20:53 Super Sentai on the screen + mint cream on the spoon = heaven~! :D :D #
  • 21:44 Husband made me pour some of my cherry coke into his orange lemonade. And now, he's all "Fruit basket, fruit basket". Yes, we're five XDDD #
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Today was kinda uneventful. Still, some small happy things did happen...

- Did weekly grocery shopping at the wholesale store with [ profile] yamasagi, which is always fun <3

- Finished watching Dekaranger, the Deka movie and also watched "Magiranger VS Dekaranger". These crossover movies are quite possibly the best thing since the invention of the internet *lol*

- Managed to get my C:\ dive backed up on the server. Apparently, trying to store D:\ made the appc rash. Oh well, since C:\ is my system partition, just getting that secured is sufficient, too.


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