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( Apr. 2nd, 2008 03:57 pm)
Since I can listen to music again without getting blinded by pain, I suppose I'm back.
What happened?
Well, a rather persistent flu managed to sneak in while my immune system was down from the stomach thing.
At first, I tried to get rid of it on my own. Took me more than a week to realize I won't make it til Saturday without help from a professional. By then, the pain from the sinus infection (never had one before =_=) was pretty close to driving me completely insane. On Monday, I went to our wonderful family doctor (who was finally back from her Easter holidays) and came back home with some antibiotics. So far, they're working well.

Wow, Saturday's the big day when... the new season of Doctor Who will start airing! Hooray!!
Wait, there was something else, something about a wedd... oh. Yeah, right *lol*
We finally got all of the organization done yesterday (I hope), and now, we can finally start looking forward to the whole event. Gonna be a wonderful day *smooches [ profile] yamasagi*
Though I gotta tell you - I just can't write my new surname. I keep making mistakes when trying out my soon-to-be new signature. Such a complicated surname T_T HALP.

I've got some new hardware as well, but I'll write about that tomorrow, I guess. But believe me, it's pretty cool :D
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( Apr. 2nd, 2008 04:46 pm)
(snagged from [ profile] arachnerd)

Two names you go by:
- Manuela
- Jessy
(real name / internet and RL nickname - I prefer the latter)

Two things you are wearing right now:
- Grey pants
- Orange Pet Shop Boys t-shirt

Two things you want in a relationship:
- Trust
- Faith

Two of your favourite things to do:
- Listening to music
- Surfing the 'net

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
- The rest of this goddamn flu to go away
- A Whopper (Me hungreee =_=)

Two pets you had/have:
- Zebra finches
- The boys

Two people who will fill this out first:
Whoever feels like it/is bored enough?

Two things you did last night:
- Played "Animal Crossing" (NDS)
- Took one of the longest showers ever

Two people who live at your house:
- Jiro
- Tenchi
(What? They are people, right? XD)

Two things you ate today:
- Cereals
- Pizza baguette (tuna)

Two people you talked to last:
- [ profile] yamasagi
- mum

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
- Getting my pill prescription
- Going to the hairdresser

Two longest car rides:
- Malaga (Spain) with my family (forgot the year)
- Rimini (Italy) with my high school in 2000

Two favourite holidays:
- Xmas
- Halloween

Two favourite beverages:
- Coke
- Martini


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