I have this pollen allergy (I guess it's that since it sorta fits the season). It's been there since about 2000/01 and it's always succumbed to the usual pills.
That is, until this year. I noticed I was even more short-winded than usual and a few days ago, I had the first real coughing fits, complete with breathing problems'n'all. Looked like what had started as a rather harmless hay fever was on its way of turning into an all-out asthma. Or maybe it already has, I dunno.
Yesterday evening, I finally decided to go see a doc first thing next morning.

Then, a few hours alter...

... it REALLY went to heck... )

(Sorry for any typos, I'm not quite in a state to really process any orthography. Will correct later.)

ETA: They sent me back home. Too full. Am supposed to come back around 11:15-ish. §&$%&&§=7$&%2XX!!
Y'know, this is really starting to go way past my level of tolerance. I want to sleep but I can't because I can't breathe. And if the doc sends me to a specialist, I have no idea how to get there in my 30-minutes-of-sleep-but-somehow-still-able-to-walk-and-talk state without getting lost or robbed or whatever.
[livejournal.com profile] yamasagi said "Call me and I'll see whether I can drive yout here" but the tone in his voice made it clear that chances on him getting out of work aren't exactly top-notch. Also, he'll be gone until at least 8 PM since after work, he promised to help a friend of his with some electronics stuff in his house.
I feel all alone. I wanna curl up in a ball and die.


Or maybe, I'll first listen to "Inori" which is finally here.


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