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( Sep. 17th, 2006 07:31 pm)
Lost the auction. Oh well. At least I managed to download the mp3s :D [/invincible positivism XD]
(Which reminds me, I still haven't listened to "The Sequel". It scares me a bit because the main plot is that Spock and Q swap characters. As in, Q becomes all rational and quiet and Spock turns stupid, childish, giggly and generally all over-the-top. Scaaaary X_X)

Guess what? [ profile] silicondreams wrote me a story *squeals* And I well... printed it out and it's now haninging on the cupboard behind my bed, next to the lyrics of Edguy's "Land of the miracle" :D

I'm also re-watching the superheroes. Because I loo~ooved it. Oh, and also cuz I'm weird XD

Coming up tomorrow (maybe): Some reviews of recent SG-A episodes and a little something about the argument I had with [ profile] yamasagi last night. Yeah, we actually TALK about stuff *rofl*
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( Sep. 17th, 2006 07:46 pm)
... about Flyakite, Max's shiny, beautiful Mac OSX shell seems to be the fact that in some cases, the fonts are too big to actually fit into the buttons and dialogue boxes:


Oh, and...

PS:> Has Hugh Laurie ever been to any talk show that didn't play "Our house in the middle of our street" when he entered the stage? Damn, that's BLOODY ANNOYING *grrr*


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